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January 2008

We have deleted the "Site Exclusives" bit as it just seemed pointless any more. 

August 2007-

Speed of Life has under gone some major changes in 2007, and for those who are frequent visitors going, "Can't handle change! Can't handle change!" or for the new visitors thinking, "What is this?" this page breaks down some of the new things going on with the site.

  • New page layouts
      • There is now one picture page as opposed to the three we had before.  Content hasn't necessarily changed- we just got ourselves organized.  There are now multiple Photo Albums with titles to let you know what pictures you will view should you open the album.  As always Speed of Life takes no credit for pictures unless otherwise stated.  We hope to have an two three specific albums soon
        1. Mick Rock Photography
        2. Philippe Auliac Photography
        3. Fan Art work
        • We will let you know more about these albums soon.  Still in the beginning stages.
    • Bowie News, Site News
      • Before we ran both news sections on the same page, which made for some serious scrolling.  We have arranged the site to give your fingers a rest to have the news on two different pages.
      • This page is still a mess. It is not organized- so don't feel stupud and/or puzzled when you click on the link.  It will be fixed soon.  Before the end of the year.  If you have a Bowie site and would like to be considered for the Link page, please send us an e-mail, subject box "exchanging Bowie links."