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"Young girls, they know what they're after"- Bang Bang


"Speed of Life is one of my favorite Bowie instrumental pieces. And considering the man's constant change of style and his movement within the music world I thought it was rather appropriate for a picture gallery- which is what we started out as. When everything evolved into what it is now, I couldn't bring myself to change the domain name."-2003

Heather M* has been Speed of Life's News Editor since the site first opened in 2002.  She maintains all sections of the site, as well as organizes and executes any Speed of Life ventures, such as contests or fan involment opportunities.  Thanks to her nonmembers of BowieNet can participate in The Bowie Birthday Card every year.

*Note: Two years ago our little news editor tied the knot and is happily married. Through links you may find her under a different name other than "Heather M" (HR, Heather R.)- she felt the need to keep the name on Speed of Life for sake of familiarity.

Aside from obvious site building, she's also a writer and a photographer.  First and foremost a Labyrinth fan, she's been composing a fanfic story on under the working title "Jareth's Curse."

She's also becoming a well noted photograpger-

Concert photography- Photo In My Wallet-

General Photography-


All site related, Bowie related inquiries or comments should sent to

"Gonna rock it..." Sweet Head

Take it away Heather-

In general, I love music.  I would arrange a sound track to my life, if I could, and have it play accordingly to what's happening in my life.  Here's a list of bands that I would carry on through life playing in the background-

Adam Ant 

Franz Ferdinand

The Killers

Butch Walker

Gwen Stefani

The Arcade Fire

The Bravery

Elton John

No Doubt

Billy Idol

Jimmy Eat World

Roxy Music

Bryan Ferry



Adam Ant

The Polyphonic Spree

Iggy Pop



People In Planes

Antony and the Johnsons

T. Rex

Speed of Life CR  2007